A Thousand Tiny Torches: Companion Book and CD

A Thousand Tiny Torches: Companion Book and CD

Nowadays, we're hard-pressed to find a car or computer with a CD player. Most of us stream records from our favorite platform. I get it.

But remember pouring over the liner notes inside those old records or cassettes?

Remember putting on a record as you turned the pages on the beautiful liner artwork, the back stories to the songs, and the names of players and engineers?

You get all that and more in this gorgeous soft-cover companion book to the album A THOUSAND TINY TORCHES. This 8.5"-square book features 32 full color pages of lyrics, essays, art, and album notes, plus three essays from the vault that were previously published in literary journals but never before bound together.

This beautiful book comes hand-packaged with a copy of the autographed CD, a handwritten thank you card, and a some lavender picked right from our garden.